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Lake Country Disposal | Producing Solid Waste Services to Southeast Wisconsin

Trustway Homes Inc.

We have worked with Lake Country Disposal since 2002. We not only build homes in Southeastern Wisconsin, we also have a remodeling division and we use many different vendors throughout the process of building our homes. When it comes to dumpster services, Cassie Smith and the crew at Lake Country Disposal have the best pricing and service in Southeastern Wisconsin. Timing is everything in our line of work, and when we need a dumpster moved, it can create a mess and cost time and money waiting for a new one. Lake Country Disposal ALWAYS gets our dumpsters exchanged within 24 hours of our call - often much faster.

Prompt service, low prices and friendly customer service make the choice for a dumpster service an easy one for us. Thank you, Lake Country Disposal!

Trustway Homes, Inc.
Amy Clavette
Financial Assistant